BooBird Childcare was set up by me! 

I have worked with children for over ten years and I have a BA Hon Degree in Early Education.

Whilst studying in the UK I worked in settings such as nurseries, schools and children's residential homes. 

I got the travel bug after university and travelled the world as a nanny for international families. In 2016 I set up BooBird in Val D'isere and Tignes because I was receiving too many bookings to keep up with alone.

I love this opportunity to celebrate my favourite pedagogies such as Montessori, Steiner and Forest Schools.

I now live in the alps pernamently.

Every year I am amazed and feel grateful for my wonderful team here!

My Job

1. Safeguard all our children and nannies in resort 

2. Create an open communication space with parents, nannies and holiday agents

3. Organise the most creative, fun and educational activities that create life-long memories!

BooBird Childcare
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