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BooBird Childcare was set up by me! 

I have worked with children for over ten years and I have a BA Hon Degree in Early Education.

Whilst studying in the UK I worked in settings such as nurseries, schools and children's residential homes. 

I got the travel bug after university and travelled the world as a nanny for international families. In 2016 I set up BooBird in Val D'isere and Tignes because I was receiving too many bookings to keep up with alone.

I love this opportunity to celebrate my favourite pedagogies such as Montessori, Steiner and Forest Schools.

I now live in the alps pernamently.

Every year I am amazed and feel grateful for my wonderful team here!

My Job

1. Safeguard all our children and nannies in resort 

2. Create an open communication space with parents, nannies and holiday agents

3. Organise the most creative, fun and educational activities that create life-long memories!



Hayley has been a BooBird Nanny in Tignes since 2017.

She is from Canada and her professional background and education is in psychology. After graduating from college in 2014 with a diploma in social service work, hayley continued in university gaining a degree in psychology in 2015. She has recently started working towards her masters.

Hayley has previously worked in kindergarten schools and summer camps. She was also involved in a programme which supports siblings of children with disabilities. 

Hayley is great at baking with children and she thinks of new arts and craft activities as well as looking after babies and creating sensory- exploration activities She knows lots of stories, games and rhymes. 

Thank you Hayley for all the glowing feedback you recieve and for all your hard work over the years.



Charlotte has been a BooBird Nanny in Val D'isere and Tignes since 2018.

She is from Jersey. Charlotte cares for a few residential families here and she looks after children visiting the resort on their holiday. 

Charlotte began working with children as a volunteer at a gymnastics school. When she was 18 years old she became a surf instructor for children. From working in Summer camps, she has learnt  many fun games, stories and craft activities.

Whilst working as a nanny in Tignes, Charlotte has worked with many babies and toddlers. She is am competent in supporting care routines, preparing baby meals and attending to their needs.

Charlotte is full of energy and loves being outdoors. This is so important to children’s wellbeing. Charlotte is great at organising nanny socials and activities for the children to meet and play with each other.

New in 2020!



Our loveable Aussie is having a wonderful first season in Tignes, her enthusiasm inspires us every day. She encourages children to explore and seek adventures... even if they are make believe.

Kelsey is from Australia and was introduced to BooBird by a good friend. She fits perfectly into our team because she also has a passion for travelling, being outdoors, encouraging play and learning for children. She travelling the world as a nanny and surf instructor.

Before moving to Tignes, Kelsey was working as a private nanny in Chelsea, London with a toddler and a baby she cared for from birth. Now Kelsey looks after some residential children in Tignes as well as many children on holiday.She is competent to care for all ages.

Become a BooBird 


We are the happiest nanny company in the alps! 

If you have childcare experience and relevant qualifications we would love to hear from you.

Alpine training provided.

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